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Chemical Injection Package

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Aria Sanat Sazeh Barsava (A.S.S.B) systems can provide complete design, supply, installation, commissioning and services for Wellhead process and Control Systems and Power Generation Units. These include pneumatic, hydraulic and electronically automated control and safety shutdown systems for both manned and unmanned off/onshore installations. Our long and proven track record in providing solutions to the offshore oil and gas markets has enabled us to come up with versatile and customized solutions which can withstand hazardous and contemporary environments.

The Well Control Panel is a pneumatic/hydraulic control unit designed to safely operate for sample the three main safety valves (SSSV, SSV & SCSSV installed on a producing well. Not limited to this, it is also used to operate other actuators and valves. The unit can be sized in accordance to customer's requirements to control the number of wellheads.

Each well has individual manual and automatic control features to allow the well to be shutdown in sequence according to the pneumatic logic control or program logic control (PLC/relays). To achieve this, the Wellhead Control Panel/Rack consists of various pressure switches, sensors and solenoid valves.

Range of Application

The equipment is used to actuate the subsea valves of the Christmas tree. These valves are actuated by single acting spring loaded actuator which required holding opened by Hydraulic Pressure under normal operation. This unit is designed as SSD (Safety Shutdown) system as per latest technical specifications and the actual working conditions. Apply to the effective control of SSV (Surface Safety Valve), SCSSV (Surface ¬Controlled subsurface valve) and/or wing valve.

Material Used and Design Cuts

  • up to 20,000 PSI
  • Hydraulic Pumps (High / Low pressure)
  • SS316 - Tubing / Fittings
  • SS316 - Accumulator - Carbon Steel
  • SS316 - Instrumental Valves
  • SS316 - Pressure Transmitter / Gauges / Switches
  • SS316 - Solenoid Valves - ATEX / EEXD, EEXIA

Manufacturing Standards

  • API 16C
  • NR13 / ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
  • IEC 529
  • IPS

Class Standards

  • ABS / BV / DNV


Chemical Injection Package for topsides and subsea are systems that are used to inject certain chemicals in to areas where they are required.

The Package can be for single injection output or multi chemical systems and the pumps used are according to API 674 / API 675 latest edition. They can be either diaphragm type or plunger pump with manual or automatic stroke control. These pumps can either be electrically operated or air operated. The pressure and flow rates can be customized according system design requirements Calibration pots or calibration gauges for the accurate setting of the pumps are provided and pulsation damper can be situated at along the discharge to remove any pulsation generated by the pumps.

The chemical storage tanks needed to store the chemicals can be made of SS316/304/CS or GRP and is usually mounted on a common skid with the pumps. The tanks shall equipped by level gauges, level transmitters … as part of the instruments.

If the complete package is placed in a hazardous environment, the electrical equipment and instruments shall come with the relevant ATEX certificates.

Manufacturing Standards

  • API 674 / API 675 latest edition
  • ANSI / API 2000
  • NR 10, 12, 13, 26
  • IEC 529
  • BS
  • IPS

Class Standards

  • ABS / BV / DNV


  • Asphaltins
  • Emulsions
  • Hydrates
  • Defoaming
  • Paraffin
  • Scavengers
  • Corrosion
  • Demulsifiers
  • Wax
  • Methanol

Material Used and Design Cuts

  • Positive displacement chemical pumps (Diaphragm Single / Double) / Material - PTFE
  • Corrosion resistant steel, SS316/304
  • Heavy duty structural steel skids, blasted, primed, finished Coated with two-part epoxy
  • From carbon steel to specialty alloy
  • Fully instrumented and controlled

Hydraulic System for Line Break Valve (L.B.V)

Aria Sanat Sazeh Barsava (A.S.S.B) systems can provide complete design, supply, installation, commissioning and services for Hydraulic System for Line Break Valve (L.B.V).

Designed for usage in pipelines and operates by line pressure. It can control the valve full automatically under severe weather conditions without need of manpower and electricity. Varieties are available depending on geographical conditions, engineering considerations and operational requirements.

Modifications for problem solution according to scope of usage, pressure differences, climatic & site conditions, erection and maintenance requirements are offered by expert A.S.S.B personnel.